“A far-flung fantasy world with rolling hills, mountains, and the imaginings of magical civilization”

Better than humans? You decide.

Artificial intelligence is getting good at making art. Like, real good. Most people don’t realize that it’s already significantly better than humans in most respects.

Of course, you probably don’t believe me.

But that’s the thing about AI — it has a funny way of being in your rear view…

Most of us suffer from the postponed start problem. Here’s how to fix it.

One of the most common self-defeating behaviors I have witnessed in the general public is what I call the Postponed Start. If x is your desired habit, the Postponed Start usually takes the form of the following statement: “I’ll start doing x after y happens”. For example:

  • I’ll start eating…

Human beings are slaves to motivational cycles. Such cycles define our productivity, expertise, and well-being.

Most things in life are cyclical. Our mood, happiness, and productivity are no exception.

Similarly to how your meteorologist predicts rainfall in a certain area over time, you can also predict patterns of human motivation and output over the course of your life.

Generally, people follow a similar pattern of…

Improve your productivity by up to 20% overnight fixing simple things you probably already do. No drugs or gimmicks.

Most people go about performance optimization wrong. They’ll start with a lofty, ill-defined goal — to become more productive, for example — and end with a hastily-cobbled together regimen of experimental nootropics or far-flung meditation practices.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult.

At our core, we are animals. We…

Not all automations are made the same.

Automation, at it’s core, is essentially front-loading your work. You spend a certain amount of time, energy, or money at time x so that you don’t have to repeatedly spend those resources at time y. Sounds great, right?

But not all automations are made the same.

As the concept of…

There are no downsides, and it’s free. Take it every day and watch your life miraculously change for the better.

If someone offered you a magic pill that made you significantly smarter, funnier, healthier, and more attractive, would you take it?

What if they offered you that choice every night of your life? Would you take it as often as possible?

I would. One of my primary drivers is maximizing…

Nick Saraev

This place is a dumping ground for my ideas. Most are total garbage, but every now and then you’ll find the Internet equivalent of day old, leftover pizza. Mmm.

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