Digital Marketing For Dentists: Getting Clients The New Way

1. Post Short, Valuable YouTube Videos To Rank For Dentist Keywords In Your City

  1. The top four ways consumers typically look for dental clinics on search engines are “dentist”, “dental clinic”, “dentists”, and “dental practice”. These are your anchor keywords. You’ll be using them and variations of them in your videos and descriptions, along with the name of your city or subregion.
  2. Create a short, two minute video on a dental topic of your choosing. Something like “How to Floss for Cleaner Teeth”. Don’t go too heavy on the branding — show the dental clinic and logo at the beginning of the video for a few seconds, and then jump straight into providing value.
  3. At the end of the video title, add your anchor keyword plus your city or subregion. Try to make it look natural — don’t just stuff keywords. For example, if I’m a dental clinic on Kingsway in Vancouver, my video title is now “How to Floss for Cleaner Teeth — A Kingsway Dentist Story”
  4. Add as many anchor keyword variations as you can in the description and the tags of the video. Keep your descriptions between 300–500 words, and write as naturally as possible. Include a link to your website. Post the video.
  5. Do this once per week for 6–8 weeks, each time using different variations of your anchor keywords.

2. Insist On Regular Checkups For Your Patients

  1. Get yourself an automatic appointment reminder software suite like DoctorBase or SolutionReach. Bonus points if it comes with other administrative functions like billing or health records.
  2. Read every guide, FAQ, and walkthrough. Learn it inside and out. Become an absolute master at this software, because this will make you the majority of your money.
  3. Deploy whatever system you choose as soon as possible. If you need to switch systems, and it’s a massive headache to do so, I would still recommend it. I don’t want to tell you how to run your practice, but if you’re not currently employing this, you’re leaving incredible growth on the table.
How you’ll feel the first time you give away a $100 electric toothbrush.

3. Give Completely Free Electric Toothbrushes To Your Patients

4. Rank Quickly On Local Google Listings

  1. Claim your profile if you haven’t already. To do so, navigate to Enter the name of your dental clinic. You’ll either get a phone call, a text, or physical mail sent to your dental practice with a code. All you need to do is enter the code and Google will verify you as the owner.
  2. To rank quickly on Google My Business, include as many anchor keywords as you can (mentioned earlier) in both your business name, your description, your offers, your Google My Business URL, and your posts.
  3. Fill out every aspect of your profile. Before uploading images, rename them so that instead of “image4938.jpg”, they’re called something like “vancouver-dentist-logo.jpg”. Google reads filenames and you’ll increase the “juice” of your pictures as a result.
  4. Create regular posts, and upload photos of your clinic and your team on a weekly basis. You don’t need to stick to a strict schedule— instead, find yourself a post scheduling service (like OneUp) and create your posts months in advance. For my dental patients, I stick to a sequence of 30 posts over 90 days, and then I set it to auto-repeat. It takes about two hours to do once and then you’re set for the rest of the year.
  5. Over time, you’ll see a steady increase in inquiries, calls, and website visits. This will also help rank you for organic SEO, meaning your website will start making its way up the rankings at the bottom of the page as well!

5. Get Five Star Google Reviews ASAP

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